Piano Lessons

Music is intrinsic to the human being. In the womb, we hear our mother’s voice, her biological sounds, and those of the outside world. When we come forth into the world, we do it with the sound of wailing, and from that moment on we’re encased forever in music. Our every breath, the beat of our heart, is rhythm. Our surroundings unfold an array of symphonies that accompany us constantly.

With the musical being itself as starting point, melodious education befits a path not only musical, but personal in all its social, emotional, physical, and spiritual scopes.

Thus, PIANO and MUSICAL LANGUAGE classes are offered to all age groups, bearing in mind the personal progress of each person.

Classes are offered also to piano students who feel the need to perfect their technique, or want to understand the instrument in some other manner, extending their vision beyond the mere professional field. Also, as an extension of our own body, training the energy centres and connecting with the Earth and the Sky. Thus, allowing for the release of tension when playing, and attaining a fuller, sweeter, and more formidable sound.

Piano sessions or classes are always accompanied by prior body awareness and sound training. Our body must be in sync before creating any sound with the instrument.

Music, and, in this case working with the piano, should not only be for entertainment, but also as a path to individual personal growth, to acquire self-confidence, to learn to listen to oneself and others, and to increase self-esteem.