About Me

When I was little and listened to music I dreamed. I flew high, beyond the reality that surrounds me, I touched the sky. At home there was music constantly and I took refuge in that marvelous world. The sound brought me to places that somehow I already knew. The organic rhythms of music moved my body and emotions rubbed my skin.

Music and movement have always been part of my life. With music in my hands and with the certainty that he is capable of transforming human beings, I have been working as a pianist, composer, music therapist, soundtherapist, music teacher and conscious body movement.

Parallel, I have investigated other arts such as painting and drawing, poetry and photography.

Lover of Nature, the origin of all that we are, interweaving what is physical with what is spiritual, I have no doubt that music is divine and that we are mere transmitters of this infinite divinity.

Music is magic and in its magic there is the know how to reach and embrace all people with love, regardless of their social status, their culture and their thinking.

The magic of music is universal energy that travels towards the heart and soul of each one of us.
It is a gift of life, to share this magic.

When music sounds, the heart and soul speak.