Alba Monart, Montserrat Solé Pàmies, is a pianist, music therapist, sound therapist, composer, music teacher and bodyworker of the conscious movement. Born in Terrassa (Barcelona) on April 25, 1970, she began her professional studies in piano and music language at the Conservatori de Terrassa. She completed her B.A. degree in piano at the Conservatori Municipal de Música de Barcelona with Carme Undebarrena.

Concurrently, she studied piano and conscious movement techniques under Yiya Diaz, who developed the Cos-Art Method. Yiya Díaz, schooled by Fedora Aberastury, follows Claudio Arrau’s concept of body-instrument relationship. Claudio Arrau was a pupil of Martín Krause who was a student of Franz Liszt. Franz Liszt learnt from Carl Czerny, who, in turn, was taught by LV Beethoven.
After eight years of studying with Yiya Díaz at the Escola de Treballs Corporals i Artístics de Barcelona, she acquired her pedagogical Diploma as a body trainer for instrumentalists. During the pedagogical work at music schools and at the Conservatori de Terrassa, she trained in several methods within the musical pedagogy, such as the Dalzcroze and Willems method at the Institut Joan LLongueres in Barcelona, the Ireneu Segarra method in Manresa, Music and Movement in Santander, Music and Dance in education in Madrid, and the Orff Method at the Orff-Institute in Salzburg.

She participates in music congresses such as the ISME in Tenerife and Bologna. She later pursued Body Percussion courses with Dietrich Woehrlin (percussion professor at UDK), at the Global Music Academy in Berlin, and with Javier Romero (Bapne Method) in Barcelona. She participated in classical music concerts and later entered the field of traditional music co-founded by the Muscat group. She also studied jazz with renowned pianists of her country.

A travel enthusiast, she partakes of amazing adventures in Africa, India, China, South America, and the USA, and discovers an important cultural outlet in Europe. In 2009 she travels to Berlin to learn German and join up with visual artists such as Kopffarben, as well as from other distinctive quarters, and contributes to an African music record. She links up with the dance group Lissanga, who are part of a dance project alongside the Berlin Philharmonic. At which city she takes singing lessons from Sandra Bogarts.
In 2011, she records her own CD, "Liberation", a by-product of her experiences. That same year she compiles her Terrassa and Sabadell award-winning collection of poems, inset with photographs taken during her trips abroad. She unveils her self-published book "Collections of Youth" at the Cau Ple de les Terres in Terrassa, now known as Casa del Llibre. She continues penning for events and centres, such as the Centre CosMent in Terrassa.

She founds the traditional group "Omenala" with Núria Moncal as violinist. She also co-runs a project with Arturo Palomares i Puertas called "Otras Hierbas", in which the music score combines eclectic elements of ancient and modern music.

Later, in 2017, she obtains her Master’s in Music Therapy from ISEP Barcelona, acknowledged by the University of Vic. She writes music arrangements for the great filmmaker Fina Sensada, and other artists. She has been a member of choirs, both as a singer and as a secondary pianist. She’s also created her own choir at the Institut Ègara in Terrassa during her music-teaching stage in secondary school.

In order to create a real-time sign language group, in summer 2019 she signs up for a Soundpainting course with Walter Thompson at the "El Musical" school in Bellaterra.

She also trains in Sonotherapy with Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard (co-founders of the Sound Therapy Association in Spain and the International Association of Sound Therapy), at "La Cúpula" venue in Alcalalí in August 2019. Her degree in Sonotherapy is certified by the two great Masters aforesaid, and by the International Association of Sonotherapy.

She’s currently involved in miscellaneous music projects with singers and professional musicians in various community-oriented fields, and fulfills group/personalised music and sound therapy sessions in the healthcare sector.

She also manages her own projects on human development through music.