Music and health: Sound therapy

Sound Therapy, or Sonotherapy, is the art and science of training therapeutically through sound. The whole of the universe throbs and we are all part of this vivacious universe. Our own body is a tuning fork that vibrates and beats constantly with the whole environment. Every individual atom, molecule, cell in our body has its own tune. The same can be said of all body organs, and energy points. The body resonates with more or less empathy with any object, person, or situation. There is a constant vibration with every movement, not only in our entire planet, the Earth, but also amongst celestial bodies, stars, galaxies, and so on.

When we’re low, some part of our body isn’t vibrating harmony. This lack of synchronisation and dissonance – or lack of consonance thereof – within us, and consequently with our environment, can be resolved through sound therapy. This, so as to recover body balance and thus return body and mind to its natural harmonic state. And a harmonic and well-being state implies finding balance at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Sound therapy has been with us since ancient times, and, in all cultures. Sonotherapy involves the harmonics of healing song, as well as working with Tibetan bowls, working with tuning forks within certain frequencies, and other instruments such as the monochord, drums and percussions, flutes, etc.

Sonotherapy helps to release stress and anxiety, improve concentration, increase all aspects of vision, develop both brain hemispheres, balance the endocrine system, halt headaches, and improve our creativity. It also helps with meditation, increases our energy, and heals severe illnesses.

All sounds, and, of course, music, produce changes in the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds our brain and thus help activate or relax the body's nervous system.

Sound as a form of energy is neutral. When we transmit sound, it creates a certain outcome. Consequently, we consider making proper use of sound important, so as to positively merge with our body and our environment. An inadequate use of sound can cause serious body imbalances and affect our environment, our planet, and therefore, life’s inner balance.

Sonotherapy Sessions:

PERSONALISED: Individual sessions are held on specific topics according to needs. Sessions are 45 to 50 minutes long.

COLLECTIVE: Small-group sessions are also held to train the vocals, movements, emotions, and, our relationships with ourselves and others. It’s a method to release tension and open one’s countenance and creativity, as well as a way to gain confidence and self-assurance. Sessions are about 60 minutes in length.