Music Therapy

Music is vibration and movement. When we start moving we vibrate with ourselves, with others and with our environment. The body is the vehicle of communication and expression when we sing, when we play an instrument or simply when we create music.

Music is itself a therapy or medicine from ancentral times. In ancient civilizations sound was the generator of the creation of the world and music was considered magic, which acted on emotions and could heal physiological disorders or illnesses. Music is a tool as a transformer on a physical, emotional, social and spiritual level. In the mid-20th century and following the Second World War, the concept of Music Therapy in the USA appeared.

Since then it has been extended to different countries considering it important for the development of the individual and as an essential element for our health. Musicotherapy and sonotherapy as a science and as an art, they can contribute well-being and improve our everyday situations in relation to the society in which we live.
Who are the sessions addressed to? 
Directed to adults as a work of personal growth. It is not necessary to have previous musical knowledge.
Course of a weekly session of 60 minutes.
Prior to the course, there will be a presentation with basic theoretical content to show what music therapy is and in which areas it is applied. Following the theoretical contents will be a practical workshop to experience the very experience of the benefits of music. The duration of the presentation will be 2 hours.

Content of the course
Energetic body work and conscious breathing.
Concept of vibration and sound vibration.
The sound and the noise
Guided auditions.
The voice and its operation. Physical resonance of the voice in our cranial, oral space and through our body.
Improvement and experimentation with the voice.
Songs that allow us to free ourselves and connect with our essence.
Moviment conscient corporal a través de la música.
Improvement and instrumental experimentation (NO previous knowledge is required).
Inclusion of objects, drawings, colors and musical dramatizations as an objective to solve situations in our daily lives.
Proposals by the people who participate in the sessions in terms of music and songs.
Dialogue space to share what we feel and live during the sessions.