Body Work for Instrumentalists

The body is our own instrument and as such we need to be careful. The energy that is triggered when we play or sing is transformed into sound and therefore into music. Depending on the quality of this energy, the sound will be one or the other. The expression of music will change completely.
A good body posture allows us to technically confront the difficulties involved in learning to play a musical instrument or work with the voice, in an adequate and correct way.

It is not unusual for musicians, singers and artists in general to suffer from back pain, joints, muscle pain or some form of physical and emotional blockage. Our body responds trying to relocate these disadvantages in its own way.

The bodily work of the conscious movement, that is, the consciousness or adequate body care of each movement, what we do so that we can play with freedom and fluidity, is an essential part of the training of any artist, instrumentalist, singer, dancer or actor. The body tells us about our person and our attitude towards a situation or event of life. Getting a good job of our body allows us to face better difficulties and situations of stress at the time of acting in the public or at home.

But beyond the artistic field, corporal work is for everyone who wants to know their own body and be conscious.

The classes are individual or in small groups in order to deal with the people interested. Addressed to music and art professionals in general, as well as to people interested in body work.