Other Arts

Alba Monart has ventured into other artistic fields such as poetry, drawing, painting and photography. As a child, she learns painting and drawing from Floreal Soriguera in Terrassa, from whom she’s schooled for 8 years. These roots surely originated with her mother, a school teacher and enthusiast of creative arts. She also dabbled with verses, creating short poems from age 10. She read, wrote, and played. The Catalan dictionary of Pompeu Fabra always at her side. Later on, and perhaps due to her father's interest, she begins photographing of everything, developing this artform further within her travels: Europe, Africa, America and Asia. This keenness combines with her real calling, the love of music.

Experience hence a sampler of this versatile artist through some of her poems, drawings, paintings and photographs. Fine tune your senses and let yourself be carried away...

An artist is artistic in everything perceived, touched, and felt.