Musical Pedagogy

Music is inherent to the human being. Before we are born we already hear and feel the organic sounds of the mother, her voice and the sounds of the outside world. When we decide to be born we do it with the sound of weeping and from that moment on we are surrounded by music forever. The rhythm we feel with our breath and the beat of our heart. The world unfolds a whole array of symphonies that are constantly accompanying us.

Starting from the musical human being by itself, the pedagogy of music becomes a path not only musical, but personal in all its social, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions.

Therefore, PIANO classes and MUSICAL LANGUAGE are offered for all ages taking into account always the personal process of each one.
MUSIC AND MOVEMENT is also worked, since music is a movement for itself. We are made to move and the rhythm gives us something basic and essential of ourselves. The relation speed-space-time is important to obtain a good musical time and internal pulsation.

IMPROVMUSIC: Music lessons and / or workshops are also offered where music is worked from creation, gesture, exploration with the voice and the musical instrument that is played. Work through improvisation allows us to release tensions and feel that we are also music in essence to create our own music. The work can be individual or group. It is aimed at anyone interested without previous age or previous musical knowledge.

It is worth the level you have or if music has never been used before. You can always start enjoying playing the piano or learning something about the seemingly abstract and fascinating language at the same time. The purpose is for personal enjoyment, the acquisition of musical knowledge and transformation as people who are part of a society.