Musical Composition

Musical creation is a world where everyone can enter into it if we take into account the point of view that human being is musical in itself. Obviously, if we want to compose ourselves at a specific Intel level, we will have to learn a series of technical musical knowledge in order to transcribe what we play or sing in a musical score.

But how many musicians in the world do they sing and play without knowing how to read? Oral tradition is the story and the sound of the drums is transmitted from generation to generation, movements of dances, inflections of voices and the way of living the music.

We can all enter the world of sound, be listening, singing and / or playing, and even improvise. Improvisation is a constant composition and allows us to take away the most genuine of ourselves. Represents emotions on a skin flower, what we mean but we can not express in words. The musical creation is to let us lead by the sound movement of the moment in which we are.
Therefore, in the workshops in groups or in individual classes is an important element to be taken into account in order to be able to perceive the dimension of music, movement and sound.

Apart from being a composer, Alba Monart has created different pieces of music according to the occasion, either for singing, for relaxing, for theater with incidental music, for dancing or simply listening.

Creating his first CD in 2011 "Liberation" we can find life experiences, a lot of inspiration. He has also created with other artists, works of musical eclecticism combining classical, contemporary, traditional, African music and jazz elements. The last pieces have inspired spaces for relaxation or meditation, as well as documentary work.

As Albert Einstein said, "Creativity is the Intellecting Fun".

There is nothing more important than the Imagination. With the Imagination we can go to incredibly unknown places.